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New Features


After Their Vehicle Lease Expires

It can be extremely difficult to retain customers who have leased a vehicle from your dealership. In many cases, once the lease ends, they return the car and you never see them again. They take their business to a different dealer. You lose out on a lease renewal or vehicle sale and all of the potential service revenue you could have generated.

Recognizing this issue, the makers of TEXT2DRIVE™ incorporated the lease expiration feature into the full-featured texting communications platform.

expiring lease


Allows Customers To Schedule Pick-Up After Service

TEXT2DRIVE has given your customers a way to schedule a pick-up time for their vehicle following their service appointment and after they pay their bill online using Speed CheckOut™.

Once the bill is paid, the customer is presented with a simple date and time dropdown that allows them to choose a day and time in the next 24 hours. Then, TEXT2DRIVE notifies the service advisor assigned to that repair order of the pick-up appointment.

There is an informative interface, similar to an RO interface, to ensure your service staff can accurately keep track of all pick-up appointments and get the vehicle ready.

There is no additional charge for the brand new pick-up scheduler feature.


Defend Your Dealership Against Costly Fraud Attacks

The FraudProtect solution from TEXT2DRIVE provides effective protection against all 3 types of fraud for your dealership through our partnership with Kount. Kount uses the Advanced Fraud Prevention approach and has won numerous “Best in Class” awards for their ability to combat fraud. In fact, the company was voted one of the top 10 financial fraud protection solutions of 2018 and 2019. The FraudProtect technology is designed to ward off the most clever of fraudsters.

FraudProtect protects from hackers
Speed CheckOut E-Signature Feature
Speed CheckOut E-Signature Feature

Speed CheckOut™

ALL NEW E-Signature Feature

Introducing E-Signature, a NEW feature for our Speed CheckOut Mobile Payment & Invoicing system. Now your customers can sign their invoice electronically right from their phone.

Invoices can be approved, paid for, and authorized with our easy “3-Step Process”.

NEW Appointment Calendar Invite

TEXT2DRIVE has developed a great new tool to make it easy for your customers to remember their service appointment. When an appointment is created, this automation feature will send a click-able calendar invite allowing your customer to easily save the date on their mobile device.

Appointment Calendar Invite
Appointment Calendar Invite

Upgraded Detailed Service History Profiles

TEXT2DRIVE has upgraded its service history profile, making it even easier to find your customers and get a quick overview of their vehicle’s service history. Your customer profiles now include a detailed history of services performed, as well as any declined or recommended repair work needed. We’ve also added the capability to search for customers using a previous repair order number.

Service To Sales Mining Tool

TEXT2DRIVE believes that a dealership’s data should be used to increase vehicle sales and to give customers an opportunity to enjoy the numerous manufacturer incentives that are available.

With our new Service To Sales Mining Tool, all a Sales Manager has to do is select the year, make, and model of customer vehicles that are attractive for used car buyers and create a campaign to locate those cars within the dealer’s own customer base.

When one of the vehicles selected for the “buy back” campaign enters the dealer’s service drive, sales managers are alerted by the receipt of a “push notification” within their TEXT2DRIVE Dashboard announcing that a customer with a vehicle they may be interested in has arrived. All of this is accomplished using the TEXT2DRIVE powerful data routing and automation.



Tablet Text Communications Interface

Tablet devices have become almost mandatory service advisor hardware at many auto dealerships today. The TEXT2DRIVE Development Team, who are always pushing the technology envelope wider and wider, have created the perfect companion for any service advisor who uses a tablet in their service drive.

The Tablet Text Communication Interface provides all of the functionality of our desktop version. It works perfectly alongside tablet write up software and DMS add-ons. Advisors are never chained to their desks and will never miss a customer text communication when they login to The Tablet Text Communication Interface. iPad, Android, Surface, makes no difference. The Tablet Text Communication Interface is another great addition to the Powerful Suite of TEXT2DRIVE software features.

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